Automatic Food Grade Belt Conveyor CW220 Check Weigher

Working zoom: A Dynamic mode: normal pipeline mood B Static mode:(optional)
: when the goods getting in the weighing area, the weighting stage will stop but
weighing, in this way to improve the accuracy, this mode is suitable for the
checking speed less than 20 times per minute.

Peripheral communication equipment A standard setting: RS-485 and
network port Dual communication port output B Optional setting: It can add the
printer and the ink-jet printer and other device to fulfill other performance. It
can be connected with the front and rear packaging machines and production
equipment to feed back the weighing results, so that it can automaticlly modify
the formula parameters.

Working zoom: Strong versatility: the standardized structure of the whole
machine and standardized man-machine interface can complete the weighing of
various materials.

Easy operation: Colorful WEINVIEW touch display, fully intelligent and
humanized design, the conveyor belt is easy to disassemble, easy to install and
maintain, and easy to clean.

Speed adjustable: Adopt frequency conversion control motor, speed can be
adjustable as need.

High speed and high precision: high precision digital sensors are used, with fast
sampling speed and high precision.

Zero tracking: It can be reset manually or automatically, and dynamic zero

Reprot function: Machine with the EXCEL file to keep every checking details,
also with the USB connector, you can download the file by USB, provide factory
parameter setting recovery function, and can store a variety of formulas, and it
is convenient to change product specifications.

Automatic learing: after building the new product formula, no need make the
new setting for new product, with this function it can apply the suitable parameter
and store it in the system for switching new goods.

Checkweigher for high-care food environments, is especially designed to withstand
harsh,high-pressure, high-temperature cleaning regimes. It is a true game changer
for factories handling food processed prior to cooking or final packaging. Flexible
weight capacities,depending on your product, that measure from 600g in 0.5 gram
graduations, up to 30000 grams in 2 gram graduations. A fail-safe function that
prevents defective items from being mixed in with products for shipment, even if
there is a fault in the connected sorting device.

1. Weight ranges of 20g-1000g and 300-9999g,maximum 70 packages/min.

2. Applicable scope: It is used to detect whether single product weight is compliant
with the set target.

3. Scale frame structure ensures precise and stable measurement during dynamic
working period.

4. The LCD operation system offers both Chinese and English interfaces for easy

5. The strong data statistic function can be used to record the detection data of
each procedure.

6. The demountable conveying belt is adopted for convenient maintenance.

7. In the five standard weight sections, preset modes for 10 groups of product data
can be stored.

Max. weighing1000g
Weighing accuracy±0.5g
Weighing resolution0.1g
Max speed120p/M
Belt width220mm
Weighing belt length400mm
Infeed/outfeed belt length400mm/820mm
Power supplyAC220V±10%/1P/0.3kW
Control systemHigh speed A/D sampling controller
Pre-set Prod. no99
Belt Height750±50mm
Optional rejectorAir Blower/Swing Arm/Pusher





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