Check Weigher and Metal Detector Combination

Check Weigher and Metal Detector Combination


Fully Automatic Mesh Bag Clipping Machine

Automatic Online Dynamic High Precision Metal Detector for Food Industry Check Weigher with Rejector

check weigher and metal detector combination1. Key function. This machine, with high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability, stable performance, automatic fault detection, can effectively eliminate unqualified materials.

Customization. The machine can be customized according to the exact situation of the production line. It improves production efficiency. It also can be customized according to the detected products size, weight, characteristics to ensure the best detection effects meet your need.

Our checkweigher system can integrate with your existing production line without difficulty, easy to improve your working efficiency.

Reporting Data. Real time reporting data, which can be exported to Excel file, is available. Storing 1 year production data in USB disk is both available.

Easy to use. Touch screen operating system is easy to be used with user password protection.
LCD touch screen offers both Chinese and English interface and easy to be used. Interface with multi-languages
is available. 

Connectivity. It can be connected to peripheral devices and work with them simultaneously .So the whole food production line operation can be achievable.

IP 65 for all components.

Custom testing is available for any products.

check weigher and metal detector combination
Metal Detection & Checkweigher Combo System will be metal detector and weighing checker combined into one, in order to achieve one machine dual-use, two processes and one-stop operation of the new detection machine equipment, this design saves the original production process. The machine improves production efficiency, occupies a small area, is easy to install, and fits well with the spatial layout of the production line.
Widely applied in electronics products, pharmaceuticals, food, beverage, daily used products, light industrial products, agricultural products weight and metal checking.

check weigher and metal detector combination check weigher and metal detector combination
check weigher and metal detector combination

Metal Detector Part:

Machine Grade

Food Grade

Detecting width

220, 240, 300 mm (Customized)

Detecting height

80, 100, 120 mm (Customized)

Detecting sensitivity

Fe 0.5mm-1.0mm, Non-Fe 1.0mm- 1.2mm

Stainless  Steel 1.5mm- 2.0mm

Display Screen


Sensitivity adjustment

100 level adjustment

Detecting adjustment

Intelligent adjustable

Belt Speed

20m /min (or specified)


Chinese-English (or customized)

Check Weigher Part:

Weighing range

5~1000g / 10~5000g (Optional or specified)

Detection object size

L : 1~300mm (or customized)

W : 1~220 mm / 1~240mm / 1~300mm (or customized)

H: 1~100mm / 1~150mm (optional or customized)

Weighing section size

L: 400 mm (or customized) ;  W: 220 / 300 mm (Optional or specified)

Touch Screen

10.1 inch color TFT touch display

Minimum scale

0.1g ( Based on Max. Weighing range )

Sorting accuracy

± 0.1g ~ ±1g / ± 0.7g ~ ±1.5g (Based on size of weighing area)

Belt height from ground

680mm~750mm (Or customized height)

Conveyor belt speed

20m / min fixed speed or 15-30m / min adjustable speed (or customized)

Material. Surface

304 stainless steel surface polishing



Chinese / English (or customized)

Rejection Method

Sound and light alarm, Air blow type or push rod type rejection

(More rejection methods are available)

check weigher and metal detector combination

The appropriate plugs are configured to meet your country standard.

check weigher and metal detector combination

Toptic Tech(Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, located in the National Torch High-tech Development Zone, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. It is a high-tech enterprise. The company focuses on the R&D and production of intelligent weighing, packaging, testing, and conveying systems. The products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions at home and abroad. It has an overseas after-sales service center in California, USA; it has a wholly-owned subsidiary-Anhui Toupack Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. in East China, and has offices in Shanghai and Chengdu, Sichuan.
check weigher and metal detector combination check weigher and metal detector combination

check weigher and metal detector combination check weigher and metal detector combination




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